About Michael C Cluff

Here you will find writing, editing, and book production services. Whether it’s writing a small biographical paragraph for your own “About” page, or refining that rough draft into a polished manuscript, or formatting your 100k+ word baby into a real print book, Michael C Cluff – Word Wizard will do that and more.

Ok, but ‘Wizard’… Really?

Yep. When I chose to call myself a wizard I had three reasons. First: Wizards are cool. Seriously, who doesn’t want to be a wizard? Second: A wizard seeks wisdom and mastery of certain disciplines. The third reason uses a more modern usage: In the terms of a program, a wizard is a tutorial, a guide, through a program or process.

Simply put, I aspire to be a cool, wise, and helpful person in the world of the written word.


Oh, that’s nice… but what about Mike?

I am caught in that realm between Nerdom and Geekery. I think I am smart, but math and I don’t get along well enough for me to begin to hold my own against rocket scientists; so I can’t be fully nerd. I know the difference between Marvel and DC, but I can’t always say which character belongs to whichever of the two; so I can’t be fully geek. However, I will gladly chat about gravitational waves on my way to a superhero movie. I don’t know if that makes me a gerd or a neek, but I like where I am.

I’ve loved reading since I was little, started writing in middle school, and took up editing in college, where I studied English Creative Writing. I stumbled into the publishing industry when I started Fiction Vortex Magazine, which morphed and grew into a multi-author publishing platform, where I was the Editor in Chief.

Not a One-Man Show

Even though the name may infer a single person, Michael C Cluff – Word Wizard is actually a team. My favorite person in the world, Katie Cluff, doesn’t like the limelight, but she is an integral part of MCC-WW. With her educational background in Literary Criticism, Katie’s counsel and participation is priceless.

Michael and Katie Cluff photos