Michael C Cluff Personal Works

I have a lot of hobbies, including magnet fishing, woodworking, cooking meats, eating said meats, a few video games, and tabletop games. With the exception of the tabletop games, you won’t find any of those hobbies listed here–go to my blog for that other stuff.

Everything on this page is a personal success for my writing or my “productive” creative projects (evidently the metropolis I built from scratch on Minecraft doesn’t count).

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M C Cluff Personal Works

Brunning Divide

Fifteen years ago, Xander Floros and his family relocated to Erimia to carve the tiny settlement of Brunning out of a barren and hostile desert. Within the first year, giant spiders emerged to terrorize the colonists before Xander’s father saved the day. Now the spiders are back.

Read the first episode HERE for free.

Grifty Shades of Fey cover

Grifty Shades of Fey

A short story anthology that I funded through Kickstarter, edited, and formatted. Cover art is by Niels Christensen.

Find it at Amazon HERE.